Maps API Licensing by Tiers, explained.

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Apr 7, 2017

Our main goal is to easily deliver high-resolution imagery and basemap content into your web, desktop, mobile, GIS and software/SDK apps. From there, we want to ensure your application end users have the right licensing which matches their use case.

When you are successfully able to integrate Maps API into your apps, and you're ready for launch, choosing the right Maps API subscription tier is simple (and required!):

  • If you aren't charging for access to the application(s) you are creating, and you aren't using the application(s) inside a corporate environment, then you can integrate Maps API content and publish with a subscription to either our Personal or Startup tiers.
  • With a Business tier subscription, you may publish Maps API content in both public/free applications and subscription/fee-based applications.
  • To publish and access Maps API content within a corporate organization, the appropriate licensing required is an Enterprise Tier subscription.

Contact Us if you want to learn more about Enterprise licensing, or have more questions around licensing. We're here to help!.

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