Adding Markers, Draw freeahand Layers on map

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I want to know if I can place markers on this map using my lat lang ? Can i draw freehand and filter results like i can do in google/bing maps. Please let me know I need to start work as soon as possible
Jack Miller
May 17, 2016

Where can I find the documentation to use digitalglobes with google maps api ?

Maps API: Support Admin
May 20, 2016

Hi Jack, thanks for these questions.

DigitalGlobe Maps API provides the imagery and basemap content, but not the actual application/interface for viewing that content. Therefore it is up to you, the developer, to choose the application you wish to view the imagery and basemap content we provide.

For placing markers over the imagery:

  • if you are simply placing your already-existing vectors over the Maps API imagery for contextual purposes, you probably want to look at Mapbox.js for adding your custom data from your own source, and add a geojson directly to the map:
  • if you are drawing new information in your application based on the imagery and features you see on the ground, you must have at least a DigitalGlobe Maps API Starter Tier account. The Free account from DigitalGlobe Maps API does not allow for this type of derivative use case.

if you have questions, please contact us at mapsapi-support @

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