What is the guaranteed best "worst case" resolution?

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I would like to confirm that for the the two imagery basemaps, Maps API Recent Imagery and Maps API Vivid Imagery, what the best "worst case" resolution is that is available? In other words, for all places covered in the world (assuming complete world coverage) do you at least provide 60cm/pixel for the Recent Imagery basemap and at least 50cm/pixel for the Vivid Imagery basemap for a given long/lat coordinate? Looking forward to your response.
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Apr 21, 2016

Hi Evert - Thanks for posting this question!

We use Mapbox Satellite Imagery as the primary imagery for zoom levels 0-12. Starting at zoom level 13, we use Mapbox Satellite imagery and as our backfill for areas where DigitalGlobe Maps API imagery at 30,40,50 and 60cm resolution is not yet available. The Mapbox Satellite imagery can vary between 15m and 30cm, depending on the location.

So, the absolute lowest resolution will be 15meters.

For locations where Maps API Vivid imagery is available, the resolution will be almost entirely 50cm. There are some places, such as spotty localized areas in equatorial regions, where Vivid imagery isn't available, yet the rest of the country/continent are covered with 50cm. These regions will be backfilled by Mapbox Satellite imagery.

For Maps API Recent Imagery, we have a Resolution map you can view to see the resolution of what we provide. If the resolution map doesn't detail a given resolution color, then assume the imagery visible is the backfill of Mapbox Satellite imagery.

Let us know if this helps.

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