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I would just like to ask for some more details around the "terms and conditions" of being able to store/caching static images obtained with the DG Maps API? Is this allowed? And what are the terms of use? I found the following regarding the download of images: http://mapsapidocs.digitalglobe.com/docs/end-user-download-license And it stated (amongst others): "You may download and cache imagery content in jpeg or png format on mobile devices, tablets, computers and similar devices for offline usage provided that (1) you cannot cache more than 100MB per session; and (2) you cannot use or distribute the downloaded imagery separate and apart from the application through which you accessed DigitalGlobe Maps API." This was under the condition that "You may only use DigitalGlobe Maps API for your personal use as provided in these Terms of Use." My question: if this is for a client that will use the images internally in the company, is this classified as personal use? Or is this not alllowed at all? Some more clarity here would be appreciated.
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Apr 21, 2016

Hi Evert - thanks for this question. The Download license condition which references 'for your personal use' extends towards the end-user of the Maps API imagery and basemap content.

That means the end-user cannot use the imagery in a product which they then sell or commercialize to their own customers.

Also, with regard to storing and caching: we do allow your end users to store/cache content if your application provides them with the ability to cache for offline use. However, the per-cache limit at any given time is 100mb. If they wish to cache more, they must delete the existing cache (or part of it) so that there is never more than 100mb of Maps API imagery and basemap content on the application's cache at any given time.

Let us know if this helps clarify.

Evert Trollip
Apr 22, 2016

Yes, that does help thank you very much. I will use this information when I discuss it with the client.

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