DigitalGlobe Maps API: How to get DEM/DTM

Posted in Access Tokens by Hector Martinez Mon Apr 11 2016 18:54:36 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)·2·Viewed 3,170 times

We're developing an app to get 3D terrain surface models and we intend to add an interface where the user can download or order high resolution DEM\DTM files using a KML file. Is there a way to get or order high accuracy Digital Elevation\Terrain Models (DEM\DTM) using the DigitalGlobe Maps API?
Maps API: Support Admin
Apr 12, 2016

Hi Hector - great question! at this time, we do not provide a hook into our high accuracy DEM/DTM data using DG Maps API. We recommend contacting our elevation group for other potential options that may work with your app.

Please keep us in the loop on your progress. Thanks!

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salah ismail
Jan 19, 2018

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