What CRS is the imagery provided in

Posted in Imagery by Oliver Burdekin Sun Apr 10 2016 14:56:32 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)·6·Viewed 2,705 times

I would like to overlay some WMS services using leaflet but they are only provided in EPSG:4326. Forcing the map into 4326 puts the digital globe imagery out of line. Is it possible to request the digital globe imagery in 4326?
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Apr 12, 2016

Hi Oliver - DigitalGlobe Maps API imagery is only available in 3857 - we don't offer 4326 map tiles at this time.

To confirm, have you tried Leaflet's L.transformation (http://leafletjs.com/reference.html#transformation) or L.CRS(http://leafletjs.com/reference.html#defined-crs-l.crs.epsg4326)

Oliver Burdekin
Apr 12, 2016

Thanks for the quick response. I tried pushing the whole map object into 4326 with L.CRS but that put everything out of sync. The code was as follows:
' map = new L.map('map', {
crs: L.CRS.EPSG4326,
center: new L.LatLng(15.519431, -88.256580),
zoom: zoom,
zoomControl: true,
layers: [vivid]

Maps API: Support Admin
Apr 18, 2016

Oliver- unfortunately we're not able to provide a custom solution for this. Can you start with a 3857 map, and then add the 4326 layer to it, instead of starting with a 4326 map?

Oliver Burdekin
Apr 18, 2016

Hi and yes, thanks for this. Starting the map in its default CRS and then adding the layer in 4326 does work. However, zooming out beyond a certain level does lead to some distortion (looks like a problem with the bounding box). I'll post a link once it is live.

Maps API: Support Admin
Apr 20, 2016

Hi Oliver- There will be distortion at small scales because of the Leaflet transformation between degrees,minutes,seconds in 4326 and meters in 3857. As you noted, this transformation distortion disappears as you move closer to the earth. Please let us know if you have more questions. Best Regards.

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Dieudonné juldas Abatta
Nov 9, 2018

I thank GOD

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