What type of Imagery is available in Maps API?

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Maps API: Support Admin
Mar 25, 2016

Currently, we have 2 types of Imagery content in our Maps API product:

  • Vivid Imagery: a beautiful, seamless regional/countrywide 50cm imagery mosaic
  • Recent Imagery: a snapshot of our larger DigitalGlobe Basemap imagery product, and focuses on recent, color 30-60cm imagery.

You can find more detail on the imagery types we offer here.

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Apr 28, 2017

The Imagery and Basemaps link from above doesn't mention anything about Vivid imagery? It does have recent imagery.

Maps API: Support Admin
May 2, 2017

Hi Ravi

Vivid is no longer available as a standard layer through Maps API, and has been replaced by our Premium Imagery offering. If you are still interested in Vivid imagery, please contact us for a quote as we have other options available.


Maps API Support Team

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